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A rug in the dining room is a highly controversial topic, however a good rug can add warmth to a cold, empty space and elevate the aesthetics of the room. As well as, acting as the marker between the different zones within an open plan living space, adding structure to your room. As the Rug Gurus, we thought it best to give you our top 5 tips, so that you can reap the benefits of having a perfect dining room rug.

1. Go big or go home

Persia Rug Mocha Cloud


Dining tables are big. Your rug should be even bigger! A dining room rug should have around 60 - 80cm of extra room on all sides of the dining table to allow enough space for guests to pull out chairs without any trips, scrapes or snags. If you’re unsure, always size up. A rug that just fits won’t look as good as a rug that definitely fits. Take a look at our sizing guide to help you decide which size is best for your space, and if you can’t find your perfect size, we’re more than happy to create a bespoke piece to match your exact specifications.

2. The darker the better

Borders Rug Navy


There was never a braver soul than the person who placed a white rug underneath the family dining table. Unless your dining table doesn’t get much use, or you live in a show home, it’s probably best to avoid white and light-coloured rugs in this space. Light colours and pale hues will show dirt, spills and stains much sooner than deeper, richer colours. Selecting a darker coloured rug for the dining room is a wise move to keep your rug looking brand spanking new.

3. Bring the outside in


If placing your favourite area rug underneath the dining table sounds a bit too daunting, why not opt for an outdoor rug? More durable and resistant, these rugs are designed to withstand even the messiest of family members, making them ideal for high-traffic and spill-prone areas. Most outdoor rugs are easily washable, so there’s no need to spend precious time and money cleaning it. If your rug does get dirty, you can pop it in the washing machine or hose it down outside - but always double check if the care instructions allow it!

4. Patterns will be your best friend

Mandela Rug Stripe


Similar to tip #2, complex patterns are very handy when it comes to hiding signs of wear and spills. Also, if your dining room floor isn’t in great condition, a statement rug with a bold pattern will grab your guests’ attention and draw their eyes away from the rest of the floor.

5. Keep it short and sweet

Flatweave Geo Rug Black White


As cosy as it may feel under your toes on a cold day, fluffy rugs can unfortunately trap every crumb that falls from the table into their dense pile. Not only is the maintenance tiresome, but your favourite shaggy rug might actually become a safety hazard! When pulling out chairs and scooting them back in, thin chair legs may get caught between the pile. If you’d like to make sure you’ve no injured guests at your next dinner party, flatweave or low pile rugs are the most practical choice in the dining room. 


If we can assist in your search for the perfect dining room rug, please don't hesitate to contact us.