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Give Your Rug Some Love

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Purchasing a new rug is one of the easiest ways to freshen up the look and feel of your interior. Naturally you want an investment like this to last a long time. Here is some information to help you to understand your rug and keep it looking lovely for longer.

All our rugs are made with understanding and expertise. Either handmade by skilled craftsmen, or in a speciality manufacturing facility. All rugs are finished with care and are quality checked before shipment. Each type of rug needs specific care to ensure a certain longevity. The following simple facts will help you understand your rug.

Facts About Your Rug


Handmade rugs may vary in size slightly, as rugs are a textile and therefore a flexible product, deviations of up to 5% in the size is possible. It just means each rug is unique!


Rugs can be worn down and some parts of the rug more than others, depending on the position in the room. We recommend you rotate your rug 180 degrees every few months to distribute wear evenly.

Colour & Shading

Handmade rugs commonly have slight variation in colour, this is usually because dye lots may differ slightly over a period of time. Change of light reflection can cause shading, this shows when the rug has subtle track marks. Most pile rugs have this characteristic and during use will reverse naturally.


If you buy a rug with fringes take care not to cut them too short if you are adjusting the length, this can damage the backing irreversibly as the fringes are part of the rug construction. To keep the fringes untangled we suggest combing them, or vacuuming them with a handheld vacuum.


Creasing is common when your rug has been rolled or folded for shipping. The creases should disappear within a week or two once the rug is laid out flat. Rolling the rug the opposite way overnight can help.


Shedding is completely normal for cut pile wool rugs, it is caused by fibres in the yarn that are cut short and therefore get detached from the pile. The shedding will reduce over time, depending on traffic and wear. The yarn type and humidity of the environment can also affect the amount and duration of shedding - a dry environment will cause more shedding, humidity levels should be +/- 50-60%.


Smells can occur when first receiving your rug, this can be caused by dyes, yarns and shipping for long distances in a sealed wrap. Once the rug is laid out flat most of the odours will disappear within a week.


Rug colours tend to fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight, even if they are fade resistant.

Loose Threads

Handmade rugs often have loose fibres, also known as ‘sprouts’, which can easily be removed from the rug. If you have a cut or loop pile rug using a small pair of scissors cut them off evenly to the surrounding piles. We recommend that you do not pull the loose piles out, as this can cause other piles to loosen too. If you have a flatweave rug do not cut piles from it as this could break the structure. Instead to remove the sprouts use a thick needle to tuck the loose pile back into the rug.


We suggest using an anti-slip underlay under your rug. Our anti-slip underlay is suitable for use on any floor, i.e. wood, carpet or tiles. The underlay will help to protect your rug from wear and tear, and the anti-slip backing prevents creep and slipping of the rug making it safe for use all around the home.