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We are always looking for new technologies and sustainable solutions, we love to create a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing techniques and bring them together to create amazing products.

In an age where images of beautiful interiors are all around to inspire possibilities for your own home, we can help you “personalise” your space by the simple addition of the perfect rug. Think of it as art for your floor, add colour and style that is as movable as a picture on your wall. At Rug Guru we create collections that can enhance any interior from traditional to ultra contemporary. 

From sourcing natural, recycled or man made yarns, we work closely with our partners to design the perfect rug that will bring out the best of the chosen yarn. There are countless ways in which it can be woven, twisted or looped to construct a handmade rug. From pile length to texture, carved surfaces to flatweave, our knowledge and experience allows us to enhance the finished product by selecting just the right material and process.

“Make your home your sanctuary, and let it speak about who you are. By surrounding yourself with things you love you will create a clear sense of self.”

Lizzie Mosley

Creative Director

“Travelling the world has inspired our design, collections and processes. Bringing together years of experience with the latest trends is our passion.”

Charles Mosley

Managing Director


We all love to adorn our homes with beautiful things and it is not always the case that the most expensive is the best, the most important thing is to choose what inspires us, what we surround ourselves with is how we stamp our personality on our homes. Home is your corner of the world, add harmony by adding texture and warmth, and the easiest way to do this is underfoot!

Design & Craftsmanship
Design & Craftsmanship

The Rug Guru Range is the collaborative effort of many people, a highly talented team of dedicated professionals spread over our own manufacturing plants in the UK and India. From the designers, spinners and weavers to the people who deliver and lay the finished rug, the result of all this is a hand made rug of the highest quality. We are proud to say we design and manufacture some of the finest rugs in the world. 

Ethical Manufacturing
Ethical Manufacturing

We fully understand the importance of raw materials and we are constantly striving to improve the rug industry in the UK and India both ethically and environmentally. We run ethical audits in our manufacturing plants on an annual basis to ensure the welfare of all those involved with the Rug Guru. Our factories are environmentally friendly & comply to all international major standards of social compliance. 


Established in 1954, Phoenox Textiles Ltd is a privately owned family business based in Yorkshire and is one of the UK’s leading and most forward thinking manufacturers/importers in the home textile industry. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and services. We created the range Rug Guru over 10 years ago, inspired by our extensive travel through India, China and the Middle East, all areas of the world renowned for producing rugs of the finest quality. Absorbing knowledge and sourcing designs from the best these producers have to offer, truly means we can call ourselves the Rug Guru. We only use the finest yarns available to us and understand the importance of design, colour and texture. Our success is led by our passion to create beautiful rugs.