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Picking the right material for your rug can be as important as the design and colour. You want to make sure that the rug works well for your room and lifestyle. Wool rugs are renowned for their quality and durability due to their resilience and texture. Below are eight reasons why you should choose to invest in a wool rug. 

Low maintenance

Wool has a natural fibre coating known as lanolin which protects it from dirt, and therefore making it naturally stain resistant. Plus the fibres in the wool have little pockets where dust can be collected rather than sitting on the surface, meaning that wool rugs don't need vacuuming as often as synthetic rugs.

If you accidentally spill something on your wool rug make sure you clean it as soon as you can. To find out how to clean stains and care for your wool rug here.


One of the key benefits to a wool rug is that it is the most sustainable rug material due to it being produced by sheep each year. It also only takes an eighth of the energy required to produce a synthetic rug. Wool is also renewable and naturally biodegradable, meaning that your rug will last longer however when you decide to dispose of it it's safer for the environment.


As mentioned wool has little pockets that collects dust, pollen and fungal spores keeping them out of your breathing space and sneeze free. Vacuuming the rug then removes the dust, pollen and fungal spores from the pockets. To stay sneeze free make sure you kill any dust mites (most common reason for allergies) by placing your rug in the sun on a lovely sunny day - the sun's UV rays will kill any dust mites without the need for nasty chemicals or expensive cleaning treatments.

Multiple use area

Wool rugs are a high foot traffic material. The durability of wool rugs allows them to be used in most rooms around your home - living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens. 

Fade resistant 

Although any dyed rug can fade when left in direct sunlight, wool rugs are fade resistant due to wool's ability to absorb more dye than synthetic materials. 

Flame resistant 

Wool fibres are naturally flame resistant due to the fibres producing oils and moisture, and therefore catches fire at a higher temperature. Wool also has the ability to extinguish by itself, once the source of the fire has been removed. 

Warm & cold

Wool has natural insulating properties helping to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer by regulating the humidity in your home. Wool absorbs moisture from the air when the atmosphere is damp and releases it when the atmosphere is dry. This provides improved air quality and creates a more comfortable home environment. But don't worry the wool does this without being wet or cold to the touch.

Looks & feels great

Wool adds a sense of luxury to any room. The look and feel of a wool is unmatched!


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