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We all know a cosy rug can add warmth and style to a cold, empty home, however some of us are yet to experience those benefits due to fear of trips, spills and time consuming maintenance. Luckily, washable rugs are becoming more popular and easily manufactured, which is brilliant news for busy households. Washable rugs have so many fantastic benefits, so we thought, as the Rug Gurus, we’d share six reasons why you should choose a washable rug for your home.

Low maintenance

When it comes to rugs, machine washable is as easy as it can get! Being able to throw your rug straight into the washing machine means less time spent lifting stains or visiting the dry cleaners and more time putting your feet up and enjoying your decor.

Eco friendly

By washing your rug instead of throwing it away at the first sight of a stain, you are turning your rug into a reusable product. Popping rugs in your washing machine is much better for the planet (as well as your pocket!) than getting them dry cleaned, which consumes a lot more time and energy. Some washable rugs are even made out of recycled materials such as recycled PET, a fibre created using empty plastic bottles.


Child & pet friendly

Washable rugs are perfect for high traffic areas where dirty feet and muddy paws will be passing by. When accidents happen, they are easily resolved as your rug can be thrown into the washing machine, air dried and back in its place by the end of the day. Some washable rugs, like our My Rug collection, have non-slip flexible rubber backing with whipped edges, preventing trips and slips when your little ones get over excited!

Long lasting

Washable rugs are usually made out of man-made materials like polypropylene, meaning they are durable and perfect for high traffic areas as they shed less than other materials such as wool or sheepskin. These rugs are also often stain resistant, which means you can enjoy a spotless rug for longer.

Available in a range of colours

Because of the low manufacturing cost of synthetic materials, washable rugs are not only affordable, but can also be made in a wide range of colours, designs and patterns. Interior design lovers will be pleased to know you can easily swap out your rug whenever you’d like to switch up your decor.


Thanks to their synthetic fibres, washable rugs are often resistant to allergens, mould, mildew and bacteria. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, especially during pollen season!

If you’d like more information on any of our washable rugs or need help choosing the perfect one for you, our Rug Gurus Leanne & Carol are more than happy to help! Get in touch by phone, email or live chat.