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Historically, rugs have usually been crafted from natural materials such as wool and cotton, due to their soft textures and cosy feel. However, as a result of the advancements in textile manufacturing, synthetic materials like polypropylene, polyester and nylon are commonly used to create equally soft, high quality, man made rugs. 

You can’t actually beat a natural rug, but these come a close second!

So, why choose man made? Here are 3 reasons why we, the Rug Gurus, love these synthetic rugs, and why you should too… 

1. They’re cheaper

Vogue - Pink/Ochre - Rug Guru


Synthetic fibres are relatively easy to source and manufacture, so man made rugs will generally be cheaper than other rugs. If that extra large natural rug is a little out of your price range, the same sized man made rug might be under budget, leaving you with enough money to spend on extra furnishings.

2. There’s a larger choice of designs

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Due to the ease of production, you can often find man made rugs in bright colours and trendy patterns you wouldn’t typically see from other rugs. Viscose, another synthetic material, reflects a shimmery coating when the fibres catch the light. This man made option, also known as ‘art silk’, is used to add extra visual details within the fibres or create interesting, silk-like textures within rugs. For style gurus who like to switch up their decor regularly, a man made rug may be the best choice, as manufacturers (like us) can keep up to date with the latest interior trends.

3. They’re better for busy households

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The stain resistant technology of polypropylene, a commonly used synthetic material, is unmatched by any other rug option. The plastic coating on these synthetic fibres prevents dirt and moisture from soaking in, making these rugs a lot easier to clean at home. No need for a trip to the rug cleaning specialist for a careful spot clean, as your cleaning supplies at home can fix this. Man made rugs are safe to be placed in high traffic areas where frequent spills occur such as hallways, kitchens and children’s playrooms. For more information and best practices when cleaning your rug, head to our Rug Care page.

If you need help choosing the perfect man made rug for your home, our Rug Gurus Leanne & Carol are more than happy to help! Get in touch by phone, email or live chat.