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At Rug Guru, we love keeping up with the latest seasonal trends. Selecting the perfect rug for the season based on material, properties and colour is what we do best. But, have you ever wondered if there’s one rug available that’s perfect for all year round?

Introducing our Easy Care collection - never go out of style with a highly durable rug from our versatile range, suitable for all around your home. Our collection of Easy Care rugs are stain-resistant, long lasting and will not grow mildew or fade when exposed to outdoor elements. Perfect for indoor areas with high traffic, children’s areas with frequent spills and outdoor areas with high moisture content, our durable rugs are suitable for any season and climate. You can place them wherever you like, but here’s how we like to style our Easy Care rugs based on each season.

Autumn: Place in the hallway

My Rug Ochre - Rug Guru


Autumn has arrived, which means the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the weather is beginning to get a little more miserable. Keep your home clean and dry during this season by transforming your hallway into a barrier space. By placing an Easy Care rug or runner along your hallway, you can avoid trailing dirt and moisture from soggy leaves and muddy puddles into your home. Trap germs that harbour on the sole of your shoes at the door and feel safe that your rug won’t start growing mould or mildew. Our My Rug Ochre pairs well with warm toned decor (especially your carved pumpkins!) and will catch any mulled wine spills that may escape from your glass this Autumn.

Winter: Place it under your dining room table

 Mandala Stripe - Rug Guru


Winter is a season full of family celebrations, lots of food and the occasional tipple, and our Easy Care rugs are ideal for catching those spills and crumbs you forget to look out for. The coldest season of them all, your rug would also be well received on a bare floor to warm up the room on a frosty, winter morning. Underneath the dining table would be the ideal, high traffic spot for catching trampled Christmas dinner and overflowing Buck’s Fizz. Save time cleaning up with our Easy Care collection and spend more time enjoying the holidays with your loved ones.

Spring: Place it by the door

 Trellis Rug Green - Rug Guru


Once Spring has sprung, the temperatures start to rise and the ground warms up - making it the perfect time to undertake some New Year gardening. Save your space from muddy boots and soil covered trowels by placing an Easy Care rug by your door, the perfect place to catch any dirt. Due to their easy clean properties, mud prints and grass stains will effortlessly lift from the fibres in our Easy Care rugs. When those inevitable April showers arrive, you won’t have to worry about trailing any damp footprints through your home, as our Easy Care rugs will absorb the moisture at the door, with no risk of growing mould or mildew. Host your Easter egg hunt in the garden this year, as any chocolate dropped will be caught in your Easy Care rug and simply cleaned with soap and water. 

Summer: Place it outside

Trellis Rug Gold - Rug Guru 


Ditch the picnic blankets for Summer and lay your Easy Care rug outside instead! Suitable for gardens, patios and balconies, our collection is UV resistant, meaning they can simply be left out in the sun with no risk of fading. Don’t worry about juice spills or drips of melted ice cream, as the easy clean properties within the fibres of these rugs can handle excitable children and messy picnics with ease. Why not host the family barbecue in your garden this year? Tough stains like ketchup and brown sauce are no match for our Easy Care rugs, meaning you can spend less time spot cleaning stains and more time enjoying the sun. 

If you need help choosing the perfect Easy Care rug for your home, our Rug Gurus Leanne & Carol are more than happy to help! Get in touch by phone, email or live chat.