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This past year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than we usually would. Not only has the pandemic influenced how we work, travel and shop, but also how we choose to decorate our spaces. We now have more time to consider how these spaces affect our mindset and how we can alter elements to fit our new, unprecedented lifestyles.

As the Rug Gurus, we thought it best to add our expertise into the mix and share our top 5 interior design trends for Spring/Summer 2021. 



Life has been a bit gloomy lately, so let’s liven it up. This trend allows you to mix bright colours, bold patterns and prominent textures… on purpose! Your home is your canvas, so make sure to fill it with everything you love, yes everything! Whether you’re a ‘grand millennial’ or fancy yourself a bit of ‘cottagecore’, the important thing to remember is: more sometimes is more! But be careful not to lose yourself in the madness; personalisation is the name of the game.

“As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention. All that empty space can be suffocating.” - Robert McKinley in Vogue


Rug Guru - Artisan Picasso


This trend combines the pale neutrals and rustic woods of Scandinavian style with the clean lines and artistic craftsmanship of Japanese design. Both share the same underpinning values of simplicity, tranquility and natural resources. A love for functional living paired with minimalist aesthetics makes this trend the most tranquil in our list. 


Biophilic Design

Rug Guru - Tropical Blush


Deriving from the term biophilia, the instinctive human attraction to nature, biophilic design refers to the direct experience of nature in the home. Maybe we’ve been on PlantTok (sorry, plant TikTok) for too long, or we’re dreaming of a faraway tropical paradise, but something about being completely surrounded by plants sounds all too appealing. Nature has been a huge refuge for us this year. When else have you been looking forward to your daily walk? Not only do we find greenery aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also been proven to increase productivity and boost immunity when we incorporate them into our spaces.



Rug Guru - Dallas Mauve


Ironically, we’ve been trying all year to flatten the curve, but we’re willing to let this type of curve slide. This year has been pretty harsh, so it’s time we softened those sharp edges. Feminine shapes and romantic sculptures join forces to create art deco inspired drama in any room. Homemade curly candles and bulging ceramics help to add a young, bubbly presence to a cold, harsh space.

“The best way to create a space that is comfortable and induces calm is to create a setting with elements that reflect the natural environment, that is sculpted by forces of nature to create soft, organic, curved formations” - Sanjit Manku in The Week

Sustainable materials

Rug Guru - Rustic Trim Sky Cream


The pandemic well and truly opened our eyes to a global crisis, showing us just how well nature thrives when human life grinds to a halt. As consumers, we’re now more conscious when considering a purchase. We are holding harmful organisations accountable and investing in those who make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Organic cotton, recycled plastic and natural fibres are only a few examples of an entire world of eco-friendly materials ready to take over 2021.