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While working from home used to be a bit of a rarity, remote working is now part of our lives, and more of us are investing in home offices to create a work space we can thrive in. The place you work plays a vital role in your productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing, so it’s important to create an environment you feel comfortable in.


If you’re wondering where to start with your home office, here are four of our top tips for creating the perfect space.


Choose Your Colour Scheme

Colours contribute to our mood a lot more than you might think. Certain colours can make us feel creative, excited and happy, while others can make us feel calm and relaxed. Colours evoke different emotions in everyone, so think about how you’d like to feel while you work. Avoid any colours that may cause you tension or any negative feelings - this can be different for everyone.


Here at Rug Guru, you can search for your perfect rug specifically by colour, and we have a variety of shades to suit everyone - so you’re sure to find something that will sit perfectly in your home office, whatever scheme you choose.



Block Out Distractions

Your home office should be just that - an office. Try to avoid having anything in there that you wouldn’t usually have or use at work. This could be a TV, your favourite book or even your pet! It’s easy to be distracted by things like household jobs. So if you can, move anything that might tempt you into leaving your desk to do something else, like your laundry basket or ironing pile.


Pick clever storage, too. The phrase less is more is very true when it comes to a workspace. If you have too much clutter taking up room, your mind might start to feel the same. Choose storage solutions to keep things organised, and depending on the size of your space, you can always choose an option that doubles up as your desk.



Make It Comfy 

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, organised your room and blocked out the distractions, it’s time to make it comfy. After all, chances are you’re going to spend more time there during the day than you do in any other room!


Choosing the right rug can make all the difference when it comes to comfort. Whether you want to sink your toes into something plush like our luxurious Imperial rug, or simply create a more comforting atmosphere with a stylish jute rug, you won’t regret adding a beautiful textile to your office space.



Finishing Touches

Gone are the days of drab interiors and motivational posters in the office. Companies are all about adding finishing touches with a bit more personality to create a more exciting work environment. From quirky wall art and neon signs, to cosy homewares like cushions and blankets, and your home office should be no different!


So, if you have the space, a small sofa with some woven throws and cushions can be a great place to take five minutes out or to simply have a change of scenery, as moving around can help you see things differently and lead to higher productivity.



If you do need any help choosing the perfect rug or homewares to help style your home office, our Rug Gurus, Leanne and Carol are more than happy to help. You can get in touch by phone, email or live chat.