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Grey is the perfect cool-toned neutral base colour to use as your canvas when decorating your home, and an even better colour choice for your living room sofa! But now you’re looking to elevate your interiors with a second accent colour, and you’re not sure where to begin...

That’s where we come in. 

As the Rug Gurus, we agreed to share our expertise on how to style your grey sofa to suit your home, your personality and your lifestyle. Read on for our style secrets.

Mustard Yellow

Linear Ochre - Rug Guru


Adding striking accents of yellow into your interior is a sure-fire way to transform your living room into a bold and bright space without being overwhelming. Sunny mustard yellow contrasted against a moody graphite grey creates an ultra modern statement look. This contemporary pairing is most effective when used in geometric prints, abstract shapes and sharp lines.

Blush Pink

Carved Glamour - Adobe Rose - Rug Guru


If you’re wanting more of a soft, calming ambience, a cool-toned blush pink is perfect for you. This sweet, feminine hue incorporates subtle sophistication with little to no effort required. As it’s such a subtle colour, try experimenting with different textures and shapes to create further dimension to your space.

Deep Purple

Saville Grey/Raspberry - Rug Guru


Transform your home into one fit for a king by incorporating rich shades of purple into your decor. This stunning hue adds elegance and mystery to any room, however, less is more with this regal shade, as too much can turn your home into a dark, uninviting space. Often seen in the bedroom to promote relaxation, this luxurious colour deserves its place in your living area too! 


Hexagon Multi - Rug Guru


Can’t decide on one colour? You don’t have to! Being such a versatile base, grey can be styled with many different pops of colour. If bright primary colours are a little too daunting, opt for muted shades to tone down the noise and prevent any chance of clashing. 

Black & White

Diamond Shaggy - Rug Guru


Black and white paired with grey is always a good match. Classic and sophisticated, this monochrome styling grounds any room by creating depth and dimension. For a dramatic, statement look, opt for a rug consisting of more black than white. However, for a brighter, airy feel, look for rugs containing more white and only small accents of black. 

More Grey!

Karma Tassel - Cloud Grey - Rug Guru


What pairs well with grey other than… more grey! By sticking to one colour, you’re opening yourself up to an exciting world of shades, textures and patterns. Play around with different fabrics to create your perfect greyscale home. A shimmery viscose rug or a fluffy wool rug would add dimension to a sea of grey.