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As the temperatures are rising, the nights are longer and restrictions are lifting, it’s time to get your outside space ready for summer! Whether you’re planning parties on your patio, BBQs on your balcony or gatherings in your garden, you’re going to need some cosy furnishings in order to make it your own - a rug is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. You may have all the moodboards, colour palettes and pattern choices ready, but there’s no point buying a gorgeous wool rug only for our great British weather to come along and ruin it. But which material is best for you and your home? We’re here to help you in your search by sharing our top four materials to incorporate into your outdoor space.



 Rug Guru - Saville Grey/Blue


Starting off strong with this durable, man made material, polypropylene is the most common material used in outdoor rugs. Often said to feel just like wool, this material gives you all the benefits at a fraction of the price, making it an affordable alternative to more indulgent materials. Due to its synthetic properties and densely woven pile, polypropylene rugs are non absorbent and fast drying, ideal for households who need their rugs to be weather proof and spill proof! These fuss free rugs only require a simple vacuum to maintain their pile, as well as the odd spot cleaning for those difficult stain removals. As a man made material, polypropylene can be purchased in a variety of colours, patterns, shapes and textures, assuring consistency with the latest trends so that your outdoor space will always be in style.


Recycled PET

 Rug Guru - Herringbone Rug Navy


Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the godfather of outdoor rugs. UV stable, hard wearing and stain resistant, this durable material is great for areas with high foot traffic and lots of action. Unlike polypropylene, recycled PET is also resistant to oil based spills, perfect for placing under your outdoor dining area to catch any messy spills. When you’re ready to clean up, just throw them in the wash at 30°C (always check care instructions) and let the rug take care of itself! Even better, these eco friendly fibres are mould, mildew and moth resistant! If you want all the benefits of an outdoor rug and less of the fuss, recycled PET is most definitely the way to go.



 Rug Guru - Jute Extra Runner Natural


Stepping away from synthetics, we couldn’t forget to mention the natural, biophilic properties of jute. As an outdoor rug, plant based materials such as jute add a rustic feel to your space, incorporating conscious living with earthy textures. However, these natural fibres will retain moisture, so they’re best placed under shelter and away from the dining area, where spills can occur. An affordable alternative to other natural materials, these casual and airy jute rugs will incorporate organic hues and textures which will truly complement your outdoor space.



 Rug Guru - Sheepskin Natural


Another natural material that belongs in your outdoor space is sheepskin. What this material lacks in weatherproofing, it certainly makes up for in luxury, style and comfort. Whether you place them inside your DIY garden bar or around your cosy fire pit, sheepskin rugs make sure to elevate your decor and add a much needed warmth to your space when the sun goes down. Unfortunately, these rugs aren’t as durable as others on the list, so treat them like a work of art! Drape them over chairs to create cosy seating arrangements, but keep them away from high traffic areas and dining spots.

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