The beauty of
Wool Rugs

Wool has been used in floor coverings for thousands of years because of it's many benefits, from it's warmth and comfort to it's durability and performance.

Our wool rugs are made of the highest quality wool yarns. Wool allows a richness of colour and texture, but that’s not all, here are some of the other benefits of a natural wool rug…


Good quality wool is inherently soft, warm and very cosy. Being a natural insulator, it absorbs heat and releases it slowly keeping you warm in the winter whilst regulating the heat in summer. 


It is grown organically requiring only grass and water as raw materials and is naturally biodegradable and composts easily. It’s 100% sustainable and 100% renewable, with very little environmental impact throughout its production process.


Wool is extremely hard wearing. It has a natural bounce back because of the structure of the fibre, which is like a coiled spring, so it is hard to flatten and distort meaning your rug will look beautiful for many years.


The microscopic fibres on the outermost layer of wool trap dirt particles before they become buried deep within the carpet, making them easy to remove with vacuuming. Rugs made from wool are naturally water-repellent because the surface of wool has a very thin layer of waxy, lipid coating.


Wool is a naturally fire retardant fibre with a slow ignition rate, it doesn’t give off toxic fumes and self-extinguishes within seconds. Wool does not melt, drip or emit fumes making it the perfect, safe choice to have in your home.


Wool is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions in people. It is a non-allergenic material that prevents the growth of bacteria or dust mites, one of the triggers for asthma attacks. Not only does wool absorb harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them as it holds them permanently within its core. It’s estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for up to 30 years.